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Meet Morgan Obenhaus.

She’s an amazing Alt Country/Rock singer-songwriter from Austin, TX. She is known for her powerful lyrics and unique voice. When she sings, it’s like her soul’s spilling out - raw, genuine vibes all the way. Her background’s a mix of Hispanic and German, so she grew up listening to a wide variety of tunes, which helped her carve out her own killer sound. 


She didn’t do the whole traditional school thing, was homeschooled and later hit up the Austin School for the Performing Arts. By then, she already knew music was her thing. 


On stage, Morgan’s a natural - like that’s where she was meant to be, just vibing and expressing herself. She dreams big - wants her tracks to inspire others, tour the world, and drop some wisdom on those looking to chase their music dreams. Go check her out!


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For booking inquiries, contact:

Rebecca 512.228.1888

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